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Experience banking and accounting with Kotak`s Connected Banking partnership with Zoho Books.

Our partnership with a renowned, GST-compliant, SaaS accounting platform Zoho Books translates to a hassle-free, seamless banking & accounting experience for Kotak customers like yourself. When you connect your Current Account with Zoho Books you get:

- Real-time view of your account balance

- Secure and direct feed from the bank

- Reconciled bank statements and account entries

Additionally you can access multiple value-added features of Zoho Books; like:

Auto Bank Account set-up: Eliminate manual data entry by syncing your business account’s feed with Zoho Books. Track your money easily.

Receivables: Create instant invoices, send estimates, convert to GST invoices, and automate follow-ups for clients, handle returns & refunds with credit notes and much more.

Payables: Create and send purchase orders, bills to vendors, track expenses, and record vendor credits for efficient management of payables.


Track inventory levels, organize inventory through accurate product details, customize rates for vendors and customers, make real-time inventory changes, and get detailed inventory reports.


Multiple project management, direct invoice creation from projects, billable hours tracking, project expense management, advance payments management for your projects with Timesheet.


Secure storage of customers’ payment information, vendor portal for vendors to manage transactions, and collaboration with clients through client portal.


In-depth reports related to your business, accounting, and taxes such as – Balance sheet, Cash Flow statement, Profit and Loss statement, Sales by customer, Sales by item, Customer Balances and more.

GST Filing: If your business has been registered for GST, you can configure your taxes and file your returns seamlessly with Zoho Books.

E-invoicing: Businesses with Rs. 100 crore+ annual turnover are required to submit invoices to the e-invoicing system, starting 1 January, 2021 at the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).

Zoho Books helps you create invoices in the correct e-invoicing format.

See Terms and Conditions for more details

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