Products and services

1) Deposits

Product offering:
The Branch will accept deposits from High Net-worth Individuals and corporates [who do not reside in or operate out of UAE] who qualify as professional clients or Market Counterparties

Types of deposits:

  • Current deposits:
    • Withdrawable on demand
    • Non-interest bearing
  • Term deposits:
    • Deposits for an agreed term Eg. 3 months, 1 year, etc.
    • Fixed rate of interest [with or without premature withdrawal facility]


The Branch, in the course of accepting deposits will not:

  • Accept Deposits from the State’s markets (UAE)
  • Accept deposits in UAE Dirham
  • Accept Deposits from Retail Clients

2) Loans & Advances

Product offering

The Branch will offer loans to customer. These will include:

  • Short & Medium term (Working capital facility) and Long Term loans (capital expenditure or other long term financial needs of Corporates) which are secured by acceptable collateral.
  • Loans to Professional Clients

3) Wealth products

Product offering
The Branch will offer, to Professional clients subject to a suitability assessment, financial products and services including:

  • Products manufactured by third parties or Kotak Group including Mutual funds, Private Equity funds, structures, etc.
  • Securities traded on a regulated stock exchange or over the counter
  • Insurance Intermediation