What is the fraud?

Fraudsters are calling customers by using apps to spoof or mimic the Bank’s numbers starting with 1860 or 1800, asking for their Debit/Credit Card details such as Card No., Expiry Date, CVV, OTP or PIN to set credit limits or redeem reward points/vouchers or to activate their card.

How it happens?

  • Step 1
    The fraudsters place the call using caller ID spoofing apps. The number appearing on the customer’s mobile screen will be that of the call centre’s i.e., 1800 or +1860.

  • Step 2
    The caller mentions that they’re calling to activate the customer’s card and for setting the credit limit. They gain the customer’s confidence by asking them to verify that the number they’re calling from is the same toll-free number that is mentioned on the back of their Debit/Credit Card.

  • Step 3
    Once the customer is convinced, the fraudster will ask them to log in to digital channels to activate e-commerce services on their card. They may also ask the customer to download a third-party app that will give them access to the customer’s system.
    Once done, a transaction is initiated by the fraudster.

  • Step 4
    The customer is then asked to read out the OTP sent to their number. Once the customer shares the OTP, it is instantly misused and a fraud takes place.

How to prevent being cheated by such spoof calls?

  • Fraudsters may call claiming to be bank employees. They may share details such as Employee Number, the branch they are calling from and so on. Stay alert, as NO bank employee will ask you for your sensitive bank and personal details.
  • If you ever receive any call, SMS, or email asking for your banking details, report it to the bank immediately.
  • Avoid downloading screen-sharing applications
  • Do not click on links received from unknown sources/sender IDs.
  • Avoid storing your card number, passwords or any other personal/sensitive information on websites.
  • Always visit the bank’s official website to verify the numbers.

Be aware at all times.

To report a fraud, call our toll-free number 1800 209 0000.